The Antuino is an Antenna Analayzer and a compact RF lab for the homebrewers. It will be on sale from June 2019.

The Display 

  • The top line shows the current mode of operation (It is measuring SWR in the above picture).
  • The second line is a meter and read-out. It is showing SWR of 17.4 as the Antuino is not connected to any antenna
  • The third line shows the current frequency at which the readings are shown
  • The fourth line is a choice of modes : SWR, Power meter, Scalar Network Analyzer. At the moment it is in SWR mode
  • Below that is the span control where you control how large the plot is.

How to use it

There are a number of fields that can be changed. A rectangle shows which field you are on (in the picture above, we are on kilohertz field).

  • To get to from one field to another you just turn the knob
  • To select a field, press the knob
  • To change a selected field, turn the knob to the correct value, press it again to save it.


  • Disconnect everything from both the connectors.
  • Keep the encoder pressed and switch it on, this puts it in calibration mode.
  • With the encoder choose ‘Return loss’ and press
  • Wait for it to do its magic. It will respond back by saying it is done.
  • Switch off and switch on again.

Hacking the Software

The software is available from