sBitx v3

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sBitx v3 – Board Only $180 | sBitx v3 – Full Radio with RPI4/2GB $399*

* Only The Full radio at $399 (plus shipping) comes with 30 days warranty against manufacturing defects. The $180 board is without any warranty

The sBitx is an open source, high performance Hybrid SDR for the 21st century radio amateurs. It is powered by an internal Raspberry Pi 4, it has CW/FT8/etc, logging software, macros, spotting  – all preconfigured and working out of the box.

  • 7 inch touch screen: The largest display shipped with a transceiver
  • Integrated Modes:  CW, logging is integrated into the radio, no setup and wires to deal with.
  • Noiseless performance  from it’s all electronic T/R switching, fanless power amplifier and electronically selected filters.
  • Temperature Compensated Crystal Oscillator to provide rock solid, low phase noise operation.
  • Band-stacking VFOs with 4 memories on each of the 8 bands,
  • Audio Tracking Filter variable from 50 Hz to 4000 Hz
  • High performance electronics with a passive-FET front end, 8 crystals’ filter and a low phase noise, temperature compensated crystal oscillator.
  • Editable macros that make it a breeze to work DX or compete in contests.
  • High Accuracy Real Time Clock for accurate logging and FT8 timings
  • Web-based Remote Operation from your PC/tablet/phone. Works without any downloads, just use your browser.
  • Add a second screen with the HDMI port


  • FT8 that works out of the box.
  • One touch operation. Touch to call CQ or  start the contact
  • Automatically logs all the QSOs into the built-in logbook
  • In-built, high accuracy, real-tme clock

CW with logging and Macros

  • Totally noiseless, fast electronic T/R without noisy relays
  • In-built N1MM style Macros support Running and S&P
  • Sensitive decoder
  • Raised cosine cw keying with perfect shaping
  • Continuously variable filter from 3 KHz to 50 Hz
  • Use the onscreen touch keyboard or add a USB/wireless keyboard for effortless CW sending


The sBitx, uses convolution SDR technology and a 7 element crystal filter to provide superb sound quality with punchy clarity.

  • Built-in microphone and touch screen PTT as an alternative to plugging in a mic
  • It works with any other mic (standard audio jack)
  • Transmit IMD of 30 db
  • Receiver with variable receiver bandwidth from 3KHz to 1.8 Khz
  • Built-in two tone generator to align external linear amplifier or tune your antenna

Logger and Logbook

  • In-built Logger and Logbook with RDMS support.
  • N1MM style logger with macros and automatic logging of contacts with the frequency, mode, time automatically filled in.
  • Use macros on CW/FT8 to send out standard messages with the press of a button/key.
  • Look up the Callsigns from

High Performance Radio

  • Bulletproof hybrid superhet with passive-FET KISS mixer
  • Brickwall crystal filter with  8 crystals
  • 80 db close-in dynamic range, 90 dB wide dynamic range
  • Low phase noise, temperature compensated reference oscillator
  • 25-10 watts output on all bands from 80 M to 10 M
  • transmit IMDR of30 dB (from PEP levels)
  • Silent, fanless operation
  • Noiseless electronic T/R and band switching.
  • In-built 2-tone transmitter to tune the antenna and measure IMD


See the spots, dx clusters on the radio with in-built telnet to DX Clusters, Reverse Beacon, PSK Reporter, etc.

Hackable code, skinnable GUI

  • Full source code, circuit and explanations on
  • Write custom apps in javascript without learning SDR coding
  • Open source, hackable SDR written in C
  • Develop your own skins and UI in HTML/CSS/Javascript
  • More modes and functions planned.

Go POTA, Go SOTA, Go Wild

  • The sBitx will neatly slip into your backpack with its compact, slim size of 10 inch x 6 inches x 2 inches and weight of under 4 pounds (less than 2 KGs) with room to spare. With its 25 watt transmit output, it is the most powerful radio you can put into your backpack.
  • It is armed with an XT60 power connector that you can use with lightweight 3S LiPo batteries to provide hours of field operation (The receive current is 600 mA, the transmit current can go up to 6 A depending upon the drive settings).
  • The built-in mic and the onscreen keyboard, macros makes it easy to operate all modes, voice/digital or CW without a key, mic or an extra computer in the field.
  • It has an accurate real-time clock to time FT8 transmissions and log the contacts made.
  • The built-in logger eliminates the need to carry the logbook too.

Access and operate your sBitx over the home Wifi

With your sbitx connected to the home wifi, just open http://sbitx.local on the browser of your phone/tab/pc and start operating your radio!
With the bigger screen of your PC or tablet, you can have an expanded user interface of the sbitx

Accessibility & Command line support

The sBitx project is committed to providing eye-free usage for the sbitx. As a first step, this release features a command line interface that provides all the features of the GUI.

Brief Specifications

Frequency Receive; 500 KHz to 30 MHz,

Transmit: 3500-4000, 7000-7300,10000-10150, 14000-14350, 18000-18200, 21000-21450, 24800-25000, 28000-29700 (KHz)

Power Output 25 watts on 80M – 20M, 10 watts higher bands
Power Consumption Receive: 600 mA
Transmit : 9A
VFOs Two VFOs A and B, with split operation, tunable in steps of 100 KHz, 10 KHz, 1 KHz, 100Hz and 10 Hz.
Direct frequency entry from the keyboardRIT : Receiver incremental tuning +/- 25 KHz
Split operation: Cross band
Band stacking 4 frequencies/modes on each band, selectable by repeatedly pressing the band switch.
Modes USB, LSB, CW, CW-Reverse, FT8 (with on-display decoding and sending), other modes supported through on-radio apps like FlDigi, etc.
2-Tone test signal for intermodulation testing and PEP measurements.
Logging Built-in logger with N1MM format macros, Auto incremental Exchange number of contesting.
Recording Record your QSOs int WAV format files
Third party apps Fldigi: FLdigi intergrated via xml-rpc. Queries your contact’s callsign on
Receiver Noise Figure: 15 dB, IIP3 : +28 dBm
Transmitter Upto 25 watts of variable output power
Better than -43 dBc suppression of spurious signals
Telnet  Connects to RBN and DX clusters from the radio

The sBitx-v3 measures 10″x 6″ x 2″ and weights about 4 pounds (2Kgs)

Buy the Fully Assembled sBitx-v3
$399 (+shipping 30 USD)

Buy a fully assembled and tested sBitx-v3.  This includes:

  1. Fully assembled and tested sBitx-v3 with Raspberry 4, 2 GB RAM
  2. 7 inch capacitive touch display
  3. 32 GB SD card installed with software
  4. XT60 power connector with wires soldered
  5. Microphone
  6. 30 days warranty on all parts

Buy just the sBitx-v3 board
$180 USD (+ 20 USD shipping)

Buy a fully tested sBitx-v3 board with the heatsink mounted. Build your own customized sBitx for fun and hacking.  Included are:

  1. A fully tested sBitx-v3 board with heatsink mounted
  2. 32 GB SD card loaded with the sbitx software
  3. Tuning/Function encoders mounted on the front-panel PCB with the connecting cable
  4. XT60 connector with wires to connect to the power supply
  5. M3 mounting nuts, screws and stand-offs
  6. Power switch with leads to plug into the PCB

You will have to supply your own box, display, mouse, keyboard,  microphone and Raspberry Pi 4 or Raspberry Pi Zero 2W