uBITX r3 – Archived

uBITX r3 (Archived)

After May 26th, 2018, we have introduced a slightly updated version of the ubitx. This was promoted by the audio chip TDA2822 going out of production. We decided to carry out a few more minimal changes to the circuit. This page has the resources of the ealier version of the ubitx.

How do I know which version do I have?

The new version does not have an audio IC on the pcb. The old version has a TDA2822.

Which version of firmware works with the old or new board?

You can use either firmware on either of the boards.
The old firmware is on https://github.com/afarhan/ubitx .
The new firmware is on https://github.com/afarhan/ubitx4 . We recommend you use the new firmware as it has a usabel CAT interface and the CW keying is much improved as well.

The Circuit Diagram of the old PCB

You download the PDF as well.  Click here