uBITX v6 – Operations

  • VFOs  The VFOs A and B are switch by simply touching on either of them. The white box shows the currently active VFO
  • RIT Touch the RIT to enable Receiver Incremental Tuning. Touch it again to turn it off
  • USB/LSB Touch on either of the buttons to choose the sideband
  • CW Touch to enable CW mode. In CW mode, you can also use your microphone’s PTT for a transmitting a quick morse code message. Choose your keyer from the setup menu
  • SPL(IT). Touch to enable Split operating. Now,  the VFO A becomes the transmitting frequency and the VFO B is the receiving frequency. It is great for working DX!
  • Bands Touch on any band buttons to quickly switch to the band
  • WPM (CW) Set the CW sending speed of the keyer
  • TON(E) Set the sidetone frequency
  • FRQ Allows you to enter a frequency directly using a keypad shown below:


The ubitx v6 has a few shortcuts:

  • If you tap on the tuning control, you can move the focus on the screen from one box to another. Tapping the tuning control again will simulate pressing that button.
  • If you tap on one of the VFOs, Fast tuning gets enabled where each step of the tuning encoder results in a jump of 50 KHz. Use this method for quickly getting from one frequency to another.
  • The radio switches automatically to LSB when operating below 10 MHz.
  • To operate CW, the setup menu allows you to chose between Iambic A,  Iambic B and a straight (hand) key.